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rēvoLED® Brand spotlights

Incredibly versatile in both residential and commercial applications, spot lighting has the ability to both highlight specific areas and objects or flood entire spaces with light.

Our rēvoLED® Brand spotlights come in a variety of sizes, beam angles, and color temperatures.  We carry popular sizes in MR16 low-voltage, GU10's, PAR20, PAR30, and Par38 in either 120° flood, 30° spot, frosted/clear, and either warm (3000°K) or cool (6500°K) white.  With our 5 year exchange warranty and greater than 50,000 hr lifespan (to 80% of original lumen output), our spots are clear winners.

Selected for their cooling ability design and materials, say goodbye to burnt fingers or fear of fires associated with comparable halogen lighting.  


Powerful, energy efficient lighting that saves you money is here today.

Contact Wade now for more information.

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