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Solar energy just makes sense. Its renewalable, efficient and saves you money today and for decades to come.

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Make Energy...


Through two different types of systems, off grid and grid tied we make energy from the sun.  In our industrialized nation we have the benefit of a reliable and readily available power grid system.  The benefit of each system is as follows:


Grid-tied:  A system by which energy is produced by the installed solar PV system, with excess being fed back into the power grid.  When sending energy back to the grid, customers of the utility get paid for this energy that they are exporting.  One of the benefits of this system is that it is virtually maintenance free, without addition space required for energy storage.  When a reliable grid is available, this system can be the best bang for the buck.


Off-grid:  A system by which all of a home or business' energy requirements are generated and stored on-site in batteries.  Any surpluses of energy produced can not be exported, and any energy requirement shortfalls often require a back up generation system of some sort.  Although the costs of these systems are typically greater than that of the grid-tied ones, you have complete independence from the power company and are able to access power where none is readily available. Battery life, battery maintenance and maintaining an alternate generating system also add to the cost of these systems. 

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