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Solar energy just makes sense. Its renewalable, efficient and saves you money today and for decades to come.

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250w and up - we have the RV, Small Home or Cabin package for you.


Sorry, but nobody likes listening to your generator, but you like to eat toast in the morning.  What do you do?  The answer is a generator that works without noise or fuel.  Our RV solar packages are BIG, from 250 and up, and are made to charge your batteries each and every day.  Due to their wattage and our high-quality MPPT charge controllers, they will even work great on overcast days.   Go silent this camping season with an RV solar package from Conscious Choice!


Going off grid can be super rewarding, and a great experience if done properly.  Are you interested in the Small or Tiny Home movement, or perhaps your hunting cabin?  A Doomsday Prepper, or just want to say goodbye to civilization?  Our Off-Grid systems pack a punch, and come with everything you need for a successful install.  Find out what you need to know about your power requirements by checking out blog on The Four Things You Need to Know.


Our CABIN800AH package comes complete with the following:

-3000 watt inverter with 150 amp charging circuit and automatic switching with 5 year warranty 120 volt output seamless transfer from battery to generator when the sun is not quite enough.

-1000 watts of solar with racking, cables and charge controllers consisting of:
     4 pcs 0f 250 watt panels + anodized aluminum racking + 2 40 amp MPPT charge controllers.

-9.6 kW of battery storage consisting of:
     8 - 100Ah AGM sealed batteries.

-all accessories consisting of:
     Cables, disconnects, fuse and fuse block, breakers All you need add is DC wiring and a bare ground.

Conscious Choice can also customize a system so it automatically starts your genset if the batteries get low or if you are going to draw your batteries down from a large load, and can supply 120/240 volt power as well.

Our systems are fully customized to your particular needs.  Contact us now!

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